Delight in a full breakfast in our dinning area decorated in early Canadiana.

Breakfast Room

Hand crafted Amish furniture and Quilts adorn the room with a picture window to take in the morning sun shine.

Argus House Breakfast

An Argus House breakfast is a gourmet breakfast and not just coffee and bagels.

Examples Of Our Cuisine Include:

    1. Belgium waffles served with a fresh compote of strawberries/peaches. Served under a fresh peach strawberry and an “in season” kiwi for some color (and a couple of sausages won’t hurt ya).
    2. A smoked pork, portabella mushroom, sweet onion Frittata topped with a aged white cheddar served with the ever popular basil’d hash browns.
    3. Baked eggs in a miniature bunt pan, dehydrated onion, a little pork with aged cheddar and those hash browns.
    4. Cinnamon apple baked French toast, made with my whole wheat 5 seeded bread  -cinnamon – nutmeg – a touch of maple syrup and a side of Canadian bacon to keep you going until lunch.
    5. If you have a special breakfast recipe please bring it along. A number of my recipes started with a guest suggestion.